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Importance of Sperm Motility

When physicians test for low fertility, one of the first things they look for is poor sperm motility.  You may have seen us reference sperm motility several times in our semen enhancement reviews.  Sperm motility is an essential element of male fertility because it determines a sperm cell's ability to reach the egg.  Poor motility is a leading cause of low male fertility, and sometimes other factors -- sperm volume, quality, and even high testosterone levels -- may not reverse subfertility if this issue is not addressed.


Sperm Motility in a Nutshell

Sperm motility, in basic terms, determines how effectively a sperm cell will reach an egg.  This is important for obvious reasons -- if these cells cannot swim efficiently, it cannot connect with the egg, reducing its fertility potential.  Many semen enhancement supplements use ingredients that promote motility as a method of increasing male fertility.  Without it, these cells cannot travel efficiently.


Increasing your motility reverses nearly all male fertility issues.  Several supplements, including Semenax Sperm Pills, contain ingredients which improve the health of semen, increasing motility. 


What is Good Sperm Motility?

Physicians evaluate sperm motility by observing the speed of semen movement and its swimming patterns. 


l        Semen Cell Movement: Physicians will carefully observe the specific movements of sperm cells.  In men with excellent male fertility, cells move in a straight line towards the egg.  Poor male fertility is observed in cells that halt in the vagina or move erratically.  Usually these cells never reach the uterus, decreasing male fertility.


l        Swimming Patterns: Physicians also observe the individual movements of each cell to determine inefficiency.  Sperm cells with excellent motility will not have any erratic or circular movements.  The tail will vibrate steadily until it reaches the egg.  Men with low male fertility will not experience any of these characteristics, however.  Instead, cells move in a circular motion, like how a dog tries to catch its tail.  It continues this movement until it dies out.  Semen never reaches the uterus.


Men with improved male fertility will notice an increase in cell movement when ejaculated.  Cells will move straight to the egg like fish swimming upstream.  There will be little to no erratic movements.  Perfect motility is achieved.


How to Increase Sperm Motility

Sperm motility is mainly effected by a man's diet and the nutrients given to the sperm cell.  Deficiencies in certain nutrients, such as zinc or vitamin C, decrease sperm motility.  Look for semen enhancement supplements, such as Volume Pills, that contain similar nutrients.  This will nourish the cells and make it more motile, increasing male fertility.  You can change your diet, but nutrients reach these cells more efficiently if you use a semen enhancement supplement.  This increases male fertility by providing a bigger volume of nutrients needed to improve sperm motility.

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