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The 3 Best Vitamins For Increasing Male Fertility


Taking a semen enhancement supplement to increase male fertility is important, but if you do not eat a nutritionally based diet, these supplements may not reverse your symptoms.  Paying attention to your diet is also important if you want to increase male fertility.  Believe it or not, how you eat plays a key role in male fertility, increasing the production of testosterone, semen volume, and the quality of sperm.  The first step in enhancing male fertility naturally is by upping your vitamin intake.


Why Vitamins?

Vitamins are the building blocks of male fertility, providing proper nutrients to your reproductive system.  Vitamins optimize semen levels in the testes, repair dysfunctional sperm cells, and increase the motility of sperm cells, decreasing conception time.  If you are not consuming adequate amounts of vitamins, your fertility levels will suffer.  Enhance your results by adding these vitamins to your diet:


1. Zinc. 

Sperm depends on Zinc to keep its DNA structure safe from DNA damage.  According to a study reported in the International Journal of Andrology, sufficient zinc supplementation also significantly improved sperm production, motility, and quality in all male participants, allowing the testes to create more semen. Numerous studies show zinc deficiency is linked to low male fertility, poor sperm motility, and DNA damage in sperm cells.  This is why it is important to eat enough Zinc.  Without zinc, your fertility suffers.  Try incorporating zinc into your diet by taking a multivitamin or eating foods rich in zinc.  Foods rich in zinc, such as oysters or pine nuts, supply enough zinc for men to maintain healthy male fertility levels.


2. Vitamin E. 

This vitamin is typically used to treat saggy, dry skin, but Vitamin E also treats male infertility.  Several studies, including studies conducted on humans and animals, conclude that Vitamin E increases the quality and frequency of sperm.  Antioxidants present in the vitamin also increase male fertility by decreasing free radical damage.  Free radicals are the main cause of cell damage, and to a further extent, increase reproductive cancers.  Vitamin E reduces sperm damage while allowing the male reproductive system to produce more sperm.  This dramatically increasing male fertility.  Want to increase your Vitamin E intake?  Many fertility experts suggest taking up to 1,000mg of Vitamin E per day.  Get your daily dose of Vitamin E by eating vitamin rich foods such as dark green vegetables, tree nuts, and fortified cereals.  Vitamin E is very easy to incorporate into your diet and helps maintain healthy fertility levels.


3. Vitamin C. 

There is ample evidence that Vitamin C increases male fertility by decreasing "sticky sperm", a condition where sperm sticks to each other and reduces sperm count and quality.  Vitamin C aids in separating sperm molecules, increasing sperm volume.  Other evidence suggests that infertile men have low Vitamin C levels in the male reproductive system, and increasing it will improve fertility issues.  Many men were able to conceive once upping their Vitamin C intake.  Increase your Vitamin C intake by consuming foods rich in Vitamin C, such as oranges, broccoli, hot peppers, and potatoes.  Most fruits contain enough Vitamin C to fuel your entire day.  Physicians recommend up to 1,000mg of Vitamin C per day to heal male fertility levels.


Many of the foods listed also increase your general health, aiding fertility.  Eat a diet rich in dark, leafy greens, fruits, and whole grains to naturally increase these levels.  This will enhance the results from male fertility supplements, such as our top ranked supplement Volume Pills.


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