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Why Eating Your Vegetables Increases Male Fertility


Don't like eating vegetables?  Several studies conducted on male fertility show that not eating enough vegetables significantly decreases all fertility processes, including sperm count, volume, and motility.  Taking a semen enhancement supplement, such as Semenax, also did not prevent these side effects.  If you want to increase your fertility, beginning a supplement regimen is not enough.  Consider adding healthy, nutritious vegetables to your diet to increase male fertility.


Why Eating Vegetables Increases Male Fertility

Vegetables fuel the body with important nutrients, such as vitamins and essential minerals, and also provides energy to all parts of the body.  This includes the male reproductive system.  Eating vegetables increases male fertility by improving the functioning of certain reproductive parts, such as the penis and testicles.  Neglecting your vegetables prevents your body from receiving adequate nutrition, lessening fertility in all aspects.  Certain vitamins also increase sperm volume and quality, allowing you to impregnate your partner faster.  These vitamins include:


Vitamin E.  This essential vitamin is packed with antioxidants that fight sperm cell damage, increase sperm volume, and improves sperm motility.  Male fertility increases naturally with no side effects.  Vegetables are the main source of Vitamin E, so make sure to eat up if you want to increase your fertility.


Zinc.  Sperm cells depend on Zinc to protect their DNA structure, helps semen conserve energy during the impregnation process, and increases the production of sperm.  Without it, sperm cells cannot function.  Many physicians recommend upping zinc intake to increase male fertility.  Vegetables offer adequate zinc supplementation, including dark lettuce, kale, and spinach.


Vitamin B12.  Studies show Vitamin B12 increases sperm activity in the testes, improving sperm motility.  Many men experienced better fertility as a result of an increased Vitamin B12 intake.  Seaweed and fortified vegetables contain substantial amounts of Vitamin B12.


Most, if not all, vitamins also play a critical role in reproductive health.  Poor health affects the health of your sperm.  Vegetables are packed with nutrients that aid reproduction, so make sure to add vegetables to your diet to aid male fertility naturally.


Dieter beware: Some men may resort to vitamin supplementation to get these vitamins.  This does not increase male fertility, however.


Why Vitamin Supplementation Won't Increase Male Fertility

You're probably thinking "So what?  Why can't I just take a multivitamin instead?"


Unfortunately for men, multivitamins are not absorbed as effectively in the body and may not affect male fertility levels.  Although multivitamins are great for boosting vitamin levels if you cannot physically absorb it, it should never be replaced as the only form of supplementation.  Vegetables also provide nutrients that you cannot find in multivitamins.  It is vitally important to eat vegetables so it is properly absorbed it in the body.  Vegetables are nutrient powerhouses that increase male fertility.


Ready to add vegetables to your fertility regimen?  Pairing a diet rich in vegetables with a semen enhancement supplement, such as Semenax, significantly increases male fertility.  Slop sliced vegetables on your sandwich the next time you want to increase your fertility--it could have a dramatic impact on your reproductive system.

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