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Semen Quality: What is It?


We've mentioned sperm quality in several of our male enhancement supplement reviews, but many of you do not know what this means.  Fertility experts define sperm quality by the amount of sperm and healthy sperm cells found in semen, which is measured by studying its  cells for any inconsistencies or irregularities.  Several factors, including sperm volume and sperm motility, are also considered when determining its quality.  Sperm quality basically is the determinant factor for male fertility, while other factors -- sperm volume and motility -- are contributing factors.  Poor quality sperm will result in temporary loss of fertility.


Definition of Sperm Quality

Sperm quality is determined by how effectively semen can penetrate the egg, resulting in fertilization.  Sperm quality is determined by its motility, volume, and the health of its cells.  Both volume and motility are the most important factors for physicians when determining fertility -- it determines how a man's ability to conceive is compromised.


Let's look at the contributing factors to sperm quality:


l        Volume: A major component of male fertility.  The volume of semen is instrumental in the fertilization process because it increases the percentage of conception.  Low semen volume is present in most infertility cases.  Many men mistake sperm volume for ejaculate volume, which is very inaccurate -- sperm volume will not necessarily result in bigger volumes of semen.  Read our article about sperm volume and male fertility for more information.


l        Motility: Motility measures how effectively it can swim to penetrate the egg, resulting in successful fertilization.  A loss of sperm motility is a common infertility issue.  Factors that decrease motility are damage in the cell's DNA, lack of nutrients, or drugs that affects its ability to swim to the egg.  Read our article about sperm motility and male fertility for more information.


How to Increase Sperm Quality

If you wish to increase the quality of semen, you must treat the factors contributing to sperm quality: motility and volume.  Several methods are currently available to men who want to treat fertility issues quickly, including male enhancement supplements and eating a diet rich in fertility-boosting nutrients.


Male Enhancement Supplements: Although drugs exist that treat male fertility, these drugs usually require a doctor's approval.  Many men do not have proper insurance that will cover the cost of fertility drugs.  Male enhancement supplements are available without a prescription, contain more natural ingredients, and are considered generally safer than prescription drugs.  It also contains many nutrients and herbs with volume boosting properties, enhancing the fertility of sperm and its motility.  Many men choose this alternative over prescription drugs simply because of its convenience.  We have reviewed several male enhancement supplements on our website, including the top rated supplement Volume Pills.


Eating a Diet Rich in Fertility-Boosting Nutrients: Men can also artificially boost their semen by eating a diet with potent nutrients.  Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B12 are all cited as important nutrients that safely enhance the health of semen.  Reference our other articles to see which nutrients you should be adding to your diet.  We highly recommend combining a proper diet with a male enhancement supplement to maximize your fertilization potential.  Make sure to speak with a doctor before beginning any diet regimen.


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