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Improve Male Fertility with Seafood


seafood increases men's fertilityWant to improve your fertility?  It may be as simple as popping an oyster into your mouth.  According to one study conducted in the United States, seafood -- especially oysters and shellfish -- improved the production of sperm and its motility, improving conception rate.  Men who increased their seafood intake improved sperm production significantly.  The aphrodisiacal myths about oysters really are true, provide you eat enough of it.


Why Does Seafood Improve Male Fertility?

Seafood improves male fertility for several reasons.  The most obvious reason is its high concentrations on zinc, an essential nutrient needed for proper sperm production and motility.  Men with poor fertility often have zinc deficiencies, resulting from a lack of seafood in their diet.  Cure low fertility simply by eating more seafood.


Seafood also improves male fertility because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, essential for the formation of sperm cells.  The body uses omega-3 fatty acids to produce chemicals essential for creating sperm, and a lack of it makes it difficult for the body to create adequate amounts of semen required for impregnation.  Most fish, such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.  Fish oil also contains enough omega-3 fatty acids for daily supplementation.  Improve male fertility simply by frying up a fish on the grill.


It is extremely easy to meet the required daily amount of zinc and omega-3 fatty acid content with seafood, so eat up!  A couple of servings of your favorite fish or seafood will supply you with enough nutrients to improve your fertility.  Additionally, try eating savory dishes, such as oysters, with your partner as a sexy way to boost male fertility.  It may also get your partner in the mood.


But Wait!  Some Selections Are Dangerous For You

Unfortunately, not all seafood is created equal.  As reported by numerous studies, some seafood, including raw fish, contain high levels of mercury, which occurs naturally in water dwelling animals.  Essentially, too much mercury could decrease male fertility and kill sperm cells.  Avoid this by eating seafood low in mercury content.  Make sure to avoid sushi--sushi has high amounts of mercury, leading to low fertility.


Eat Seafood For Your Reproductive Health

Remember, it is essential to optimize your diet with fertility rich foods to decrease conception time.  Seafood is only one aspect of male fertility that will increase your sperm count.  Also make sure to pair up your efforts with a strict supplemental regimen.  Male fertility supplements also naturally improve sperm quality and volume to help you conceive.  We recommend supplements such as Volume Pills or Semenax to improve your fertility paired with an increase in seafood consumption.  Good luck!   


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