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5 Ways to Lose Weight to Improve Male Fertility


Ready to conceive?  Check your weight first.  According to a 2003 study conducted at the Reproductive Biology Associates Clinic, men with a BMI of 25 or more experienced poorer sperm quality and volume, resulting in temporary male fertility loss.  Obese men increased their risk by 30%.  Although scientists aren't sure why weight causes sperm to lose quality, some scientists believe that health is directly connected with a man's weight.  Therefore, the more you weigh, the more you are at risk for developing infertility.


Overweight?  Tips For Increasing Male Fertility

Overweight men have several options if they want to increase their fertility.  Beginning a supplemental regimen may improve male fertility temporarily, for example.  But if you want to permanently enhance your fertility, you'll have to do more than swallow enhancement supplements.  Getting into shape and dropping those stubborn pounds will permanently raise male fertility, increasing the satisfaction of your love life and your relationship with your partner.  Losing weight is no easy task, however, so here are five ways you can lose weight to improve your fertility.


5 Ways to Lose Weight to Improve Male Fertility


1. Lose the meat!  It's hard to quit meat, but going vegetarian has several advantages for overweight men.  First off, it will naturally improve your vegetable and fruit intake, which increases the amount of vitamins you ingest every day.  Vegetables are naturally rich in vitamins that improve male fertility, such as Vitamin E and C.  Vegetarian friendly foods are also low in calories, helping men lose weight.  Many vegetarian diets are safe also, and may prevent several diseases, including heart disease and diabetes.  If you want an easy way to lose weight to improve male fertility, consider vegging out.  It's an easy way to improve male fertility while losing weight.


2. Lose weight with South Beach.  If you can't give up meat, the South Beach Diet is another safe but effective alternative.  The South Beach Diet is loosely based on the Atkins Diet, focused on the elimination of "bad" carbohydrates while promoting heart health to help people lose weight.  Both men and women have successfully used the South Beach Diet to lose weight.  Unlike other diets, the South Beach Diet incorporates healthy, low calorie foods into your diet, promoting health while you lose weight.  Improve male fertility by losing weight on this diet.  With a large Internet community base and thousands of meals options, you can't go wrong -- or hungry -- here.


3. Consider organic dieting.  Organic dieting focuses on the consumption of naturally grown fruits, vegetables, and grains.  Food is also prepared only using organic items, eliminating excess oils, bad carbohydrates, and chemically derived ingredients from the diet.  Early evidence also suggests it optimizes health levels while helping people lose weight effortlessly.  Organic dieting is simple to follow, and may be a great alternative to restrictive diets.  Eating a diet rich in nutrients is shown to improve male fertility, so make sure to eat to your health.  The only side effect here is improved male fertility.


4. Lose weight with calorie controlled diets.  Not the most suitable choice, calorie controlled diets help you lose weight while maintaining your health.  Studies also show restrictive calorie diets improve a person's life span and improves male fertility.  It may be painful to limit how much you eat, but if you wish to improve your fertility, this may be one option for you. 


5. Just exercise!  Sometimes you don't need to diet--exercising alone may reverse fertility symptoms.  Cardiovascular is promoted heavily by physicians because of its effect on male fertility.  When done correctly, cardiovascular exercise improves male fertility by increasing blood flow to all parts of the body, including the male reproductive system.  Exercise also builds lean muscle tissue, which speeds up the metabolism and aids in weight loss.  If you want to lose weight without dieting, consider exercise to improve male fertility.  You have nothing to lose except for your excess weight.


Improve Male Fertility, One Step At a Time

Is it really that easy to improve male fertility?  It is if you make sure to stay healthy while dieting.  Your health is the biggest factor in your fertility, so take care of yourself.  Make sure to add a supplement to your eating regimen to boost male fertility also.  We suggest Ejacumax, which is reviewed on our website.  Combine both of these factors to improve male fertility naturally and safely--your body will surely reciprocate.

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