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Ways to Improve Male Fertility


15% of couples face infertility issues each year, typically the result of damaged or low sperm count.  This has devastating effects on a man's self esteem, but most men do not know most symptomsarereversible.  Simple changes, such as losing weight, keeping body temperature cool before intercourse, and taking semen enhancing supplements helps decrease male infertility symptoms.  These are several ways to improve male fertility, including how to increase sperm volume, mobility, and even the strength of erections. 


Ways to Improve Male Fertility


1. Change Your Lifestyle, Improve Your Fertility

Believe it or not, the biggest factor in most infertility cases are bad lifestyle choices, such as smoking or being overweight.  Studies show that healthy men are less likely to develop infertility symptoms, including depleted sperm volume, erectile dysfunction, and loss of sex drive.  Simple changes can improve fertility.  If you are overweight, consider a diet or exercise regimen to get into optimum shape.  If you are a heavy smoker or drinker, quit now.


2. Keep Cool Before Intercourse

Another way to improve male fertility is by keeping temperature cool around the scrotum.  According to the Mayo Clinic, increased scrotal heat kills sperm cells, reducing a man's fertility.  Combat this by taking a cool shower to reduce core temperature.  Also make sure to avoid activities that increases temperature around the scrotum, such as bicycling or running.  Wearing loose boxers with breathable fabric also cools scrotal temperature.


3. Get Plenty of Zinc

According to several studies, zinc deficiency decreases male fertility, resulting in low sperm count, ejaculate volume, and sex drive.  Improve male fertility by eating food sources rich in zinc, such as oysters, nuts, and lean meats.  Men may also take zinc supplements.


4. Refrain from Sexual Activity

Another way to increase male fertility is to abstain from daily intercourse.  Daily intercourse temporarily decreases sperm volume, reducing fertility.  It takes days to build up, so it is important to limit intercourse.  Men can also increase fertility by abstaining from any sexual activity, including masturbation and oral sex.


5. Chuck Out Dangerous Medications

Certain medications, such as antidepressants or antibiotics, drastically decreases male fertility.  Ask your physician to switch medications if it has compromising side effects.  Lower doses can also improve male fertility.


6. Take Semen Enhancing Supplements

The best way to improve male fertility is by using semen enhancing supplements, such as Semenax or Volume Pills.  These supplements contain natural, herbal ingredients that naturally increase sperm volume and mobility, drastically improving male fertility.  These supplements also improve the size and strength of an erection.


Combine, Conquer and Supplement For Best Results

To drastically improve male fertility, combine the tips that apply to you.  Switch out old, restrictive underwear to loose fitting boxers, and if you are overweight, get in shape now.  It is also important to pay close attention to your medications and its side effects.  Consider supplementing your diet with semen enhancing supplements as well, such as Semenax or Volume Pills.  This is the best way to eliminate any male infertility symptoms.  It may also improve the longevity of your sex life.

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