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Testosterone: Its Importance in Male Fertility


Many factors decrease male fertility -- motility, damage to sperm cells, and even low semen volume -- but another issue that affects male fertility is testosterone, the building blocks of male fertility.  You may not consider testosterone important, but it is a vital part of all sexual functions in men.  Low testosterone production is often found in men suffering from subfertility, a condition where male fertility is temporarily lowered.  If you're currently suffering from poor male fertility, take a look at your hormone levels.  Testosterone is often the culprit.


What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a sexual hormone that regulates sexual functioning in men and women, but plays a more prominent role in men.  It mainly controls sex drive, semen production in the testes, and sexual development.  Testosterone increases during puberty, helping the sexual organs develop, enabling semen production, and enabling male fertility processes.  Testosterone dips after age 40, when male fertility suffers the greatest.


Men need this hormone because it is essential for healthy sexual development.  Low testosterone levels harm both physical and sexual aspects of the male anatomy.  Common side effects are erectile dysfunction, low sperm production, and poor male fertility.  Sometimes temporary infertility is experienced, rarely permanent.


In nearly all cases of low male fertility, testosterone is also absent in the testes.  Testes produce most of the testosterone needed for healthy sexual functioning, and is often checked first by physicians when diagnosing subfertility. 


How Testosterone and Semen Volume Are Related

You know testosterone affects male fertility, but you probably don't know how it affects a major component of subfertility, semen volume.


The testes, which is responsible for the development of semen, also produces high amounts of testosterone, which determines sperm volume.  Testosterone is naturally produced when the testes produces semen, and more semen is produced if there is a higher presence of sexual hormones.  If you lack this important hormone, chances are you are also lacking potent semen volume.


If you want to increase male fertility, you also need to increase the production of testosterone.


How to Increase Testosterone

Increasing testosterone is not as simple as increasing semen volume, quality, or motility.  It is a complex hormone that can easily cause more side effects if it is not increased naturally.  Taking steroids to increase it actually harms your sexual organs, and men are advised not to take this route.  Instead, increase these levels naturally by choosing a male fertility supplement.  Effective male fertility supplements will contain ingredients that naturally increase testosterone production.  Some ingredients that increase testosterone production are:


l        Dong Chong Xia Cao.  A strong, safe herb usually ground and mixed with other ingredients to boost testosterone production.  Several studies show it safely boosts sex hormone production quickly, sometimes within one day of use.  Volume Pills uses Dong Chong Xia Cao in their formula.


l        Horny Goat Weed.  Appropriately named and very popular with herbalists, Horny Goat Weed was first used in China to boost the sex drives of older Chinese men.  Today Horny Goat Weed is used successfully to boost fertility in men.  Studies show Horny Goat Weed naturally enhances sexual hormone production in the testes, resulting in improved male fertility.  Semenax uses Horny Goat Weed extensively in their product.


The easiest way to incorporate these ingredients into your diet is to take a male enhancement supplement, such as Volume Pills or Semenax.  The ingredients listed above are often too expensive to purchase alone, but male enhancement supplements usually include it for a more affordable price.  These supplements also pair with other ingredients that boost other areas of male fertility, such as semen volume, quality, and motility.  This is your best bet for increasing testosterone naturally.  

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