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Sperm Volume: Why Is it Important in Male Fertility?


Many men consider sperm volume an essential part of male fertility, but many don't know what this means.  It isn't simply a bigger volume of ejaculate -- not all ejaculate contains healthy, abundant sperm.  The World Health Organization has stricter guidelines for how to recognize an appropriate sperm volume.  They concluded the appropriate amount needed for intercourse, roughly 2ml, should also be comprised of 75% living sperm cells, 30% normal sperm cells, and nearly 40 million active cells in ejaculate.  Anything lower than this is inadequate and may result in low male fertility, typically referred to as subfertility.


All men should know what an appropriate sperm volume is if they wish to have a child.  This first step is essential for increasing male fertility.


Official Definition: What is It?

According to the World Health Organization, sperm volume must contain at least 40 million spermatozoa, the fancier term for sperm cell volume.  Sperm cell volume is not the same as ejaculate volume.  Oftentimes ejaculate may be minute whereas sperm cells are abundant.  It is nearly impossible to determine an appropriate volume by observing your ejaculate -- scientific testing is needed in this scenario. 


To achieve optimum male fertility, your sperm volume should contain at least 40 million spermatozoa.  This increases male fertility.


Why is Sperm Volume Important?

You know why motility is important, but your volume also plays a critical role in fertilization.  Sperm volume is important during intercourse because it increases the distance semen can travel, increasing the chances of conception.  Smaller amounts may never reach the egg, resulting in bad male fertility and a very disappointed spouse.  Adequate semen volume also includes healthy active cells which can travel further, whereas small amounts often contain cells that cannot even reach the uterus.  Remember, ejaculate is not an indicator of good semen volume.  Only a doctor can determine this.  If you can increase the amount of cells included in ejaculate, you are well on your way to becoming more fertile.


How to Increase Semen Volume

If you want to increase your volume, your main focus should be on proper zinc supplementation.  Sperm is mainly comprised of zinc -- it depends on this nutrient to form the tail on the sperm cell, allowing it swim more effectively to the egg.  If you increase the amount of zinc in your diet, either through supplementation or naturally through zinc-rich foods, you can easily increase sperm volume.


Increasing Zinc Through Supplementation: Some male fertility supplements contain ingredients infused with zinc, such as the top rated supplements featured on our website.  Reputable male fertility supplements will include ingredients rich this nutrient.  Avoid any male fertility supplements that do not include it. If you cannot add zinc to your diet through natural methods, choosing a male fertility supplement is just as effective (and sometimes even more).


A Diet Rich in Zinc: If you cannot afford to purchase a male fertility supplement, fueling your diet with foods rich in zinc may also cure low sperm volume.  Oysters, shellfish, and most cereals contain enough zinc to naturally boost your sperm volume.  Most of these foods are cheap to purchase and available in nearly all grocery stores.


Overall, we highly recommend combining a supplementation regimen with a zinc rich diet to fully support healthy sperm volume.  To see which supplements we recommend, visit our male fertility supplementation review page.

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