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Why Studies Say Soy Decreases Male Fertility


If you want to increase your fertility, cut out the soy.  According to a study published in the Human Reproduction Journal, men who consumed less than one serving of soy had lower sperm levels compared to men who did not consume it.  The effect increased in overweight men.  Sperm count was reduced by nearly 50% in participants who consumed it daily.  If you want to increase your fertility, removing soy from your diet is a safe bet.


Why Does It Lead to Decreased Male Fertility?

Scientists hypothesize soy decreases male fertility because it contains chemicals that increase estrogen production in men, called phytoestrogens.  Increased estrogen production may interfere with proper testosteronal and sperm production.  Estrogen is essential for maintaining appropriate hormonal levels in the male reproductive system, but soy may overload the body with too much phytoestrogens.  Scientists believe that it disrupts appropriate estrogen levels, decreasing male fertility.


Male fertility decreased significantly in overweight men who consumed soy because of the extra production of estrogen.  Overweight men naturally produce more estrogen, and increasing estrogen production artificially decreases male fertility.  Overweight men already have to deal with decreased male fertility, and eating more soy will not help them.


Physicians suggest men, especially those who are overweight, remove soy from their diet.  Removing it from their diet optimizes semen production, improving male fertility levels.  All types of soy derived products, including fake meat, soy drinks, and fake cheeses, also count as sources of soy.  Men are recommended not to consume these products if they do not want decreased male fertility.


How to Avoid Decreased Fertility

It's a good idea to eliminate soy to prevent decreased sperm production, but scientists say men should wait for further evidence.  More studies need to be conducted to confirm these results.    For right now, though, it's best to limit your intake.  If you are a vegetarian, consider meatless products such as seitan.  It is a healthy, nutritious way to prevent decreased male fertility.  Eating organic products also eliminates it from your diet.  Make sure to pair it up with a semen enhancement supplement, such as Semenax, to optimize your results.  Sperm production can be enhanced if you take the rights methods to avoid decreased fertility.


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